Snow Sledding Near Sonora, Ca

The winters here in Tuolumne County bring a whole new set of outdoor activities to enjoy and one of the most popular activities is snow sledding. Not just because it’s fun but it’s also free (in most cases), it doesn’t require a lot of skill and you don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment […]

Hiking Gear Essentials

Hiking Gear Essentials

Hiking is a very popular outdoor activity pursued by many enthusiasts as well as the weekend warrior, not only because many of us are drawn to the outdoors for it’s beauty but also because hiking is essentially a free activity. As long as you have a decent pair of athletic shoes you can hike. This is […]

Eagle-Shawmut Mine at Don Pedro Reservoir

Like many of the man-made reservoirs throughout the Mother Lode, Don Pedro Lake hides some hidden secrets that only reveal themselves every once in a while. Because of the low water levels due to the on-going drought in California, Don Pedro is revealing something that has not been seen for over 20 years. The Eagle-Shawmut […]

Yosemite National Park

National Parks Fee-Free Days

Each year the US National Park Service hosts what they’re calling “Free Entrance Days in the National Parks”. During these fee-free days you can visit any National Park within the US for free. Not bad considering on a normal day you could pay upwards of $25 to visit, depending on the park of course. One […]