Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit is an Americana/Country/Rock band based out of Oakdale, CA. The outfit includes singer/songwriters Willy Taylor and Chris Doud, drummer Aaron Burtch, Bass and vocals Taylor Webster, and multi-instrumentalists Matt Cordano and Chandler Pratt. Their musical style is a blend of Americana, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, and good ol’ Country & Western. The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit has been performing live and recording their own original music since 2005 with three successful record releases. Some of the venues they have played include Slim’s, Great American Music Hall, and The Independent in SF,. In addition they have played at festivals like, The Strawberry Music Festival, and the Kate Wolf Music Festival.

For more information about Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit visit their official website or their Facebook page.

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