Jawbone Falls

Jawbone Falls is a 52-ft, cascading waterfall in the Stanislaus National Forest near Cherry Lake. It is about a 45-minute drive from Tuolumne City but is easy to get to as the roads are, albeit rough in places, paved for the most part. A small swimming hole rests at the bottom of the falls thanks to a make shift rock dam, however it is relatively shallow, maybe five or six feet deep, so no cliff jumping here. The best time to visit Jawbone Falls is early spring when the snow melt pushes the waterfall to full force, however, the falls turn to a trickle toward the end of summer.

To reach Jawbone Falls take Buchanan Rd out of Tuolumne City and continue on Cottonwood Rd past the River Ranch Campground. Continue on for another 15 miles and make a left of Forest Route 2N22. There is a 4×4 wooden post marker here but it is hard to see so keep an eye out. Take 2N22 for about two miles and take a right at the four-way intersection onto FR 2N78 (no sign here but easy to find). Drive for another 1/2 mile to the parking area. Jawbone Falls is just off in the distance.

One final note, the drive to Jawbone Falls takes you through the Rim Fire burn area so drive with caution as there are likely rocks and debris on the road way due to loose soil.

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