Pinecrest Lake From Pinecrest Peak Trail

Pinecrest Peak Trail

There are a couple of different options for hiking the Pinecrest Peak Trail (aka PCP), the long version and the short version. The short version is just over 4 miles to PCP with an elevation gain of 1900 feet and begins just off Herring Creek Rd. The long version begins at or near Pinecrest Lake […]

Sugarpine Railroad Grade Strawberry Branch

Sugar Pine Railroad Grade (Strawberry Branch)

This stretch of the Sugar Pine Railroad grade runs along the South Fork Stanislaus River from Fraser Flat Road to Old Strawberry Road. At around three miles oneway and very little elevation gain, it’s an easy hike or bike ride for just about anyone. The trail starts out as a wide fire road at Fraser Flat […]

Lyons Reservoir From Sugar Pine Railroad Grade

Sugar Pine Railroad Grade (Lyons to Fraser Flat)

This section of the Sugar Pine Railroad Grade continues on where the Confidence to Lyons section leaves off. The distance from Lyons to Fraser Flat is 9.5 miles one way and as with most railroad grades is relatively flat with the exception of a few sections. Much of the grade follows the South Fork Stanislaus […]

Carson Creek Trail

Carson Creek Trail

The Carson Creek Trail is one of he several trails within the New Melones trail system in the Glory Hole Recreation Area. This trail is a moderate 4.3 mile loop beginning at the lower parking area, near the intersection of Glory Hole Rd and Angles Creek Access Rd. The trail follows along the shores of […]

Lyons Reservoir From the Dam

Lyons Lake Loop

Lyons Lake Loop is an easy 5.5 mile hike that follows the entire perimeter of Lyons Reservoir. Since most of the hike is fire road, it is easily accessible by hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. The grade is very gradual with a total elevation change of less than 300 feet so this hike is […]

Wooden Flume on Main Tuolumne Ditch Trail

Main Tuolumne Ditch Trail

The Main Tuolumne Ditch (or Main Canal) begins life just below the Lyons Reservoir Dam. The ditch is fed by the S. Fork Stanislaus River and stretches all the way to Cedar Ridge where it terminates at a pump station on Old Oak Ranch Rd. From there it feeds the Phoenix Penstock flowing south and the […]

Stanislaus River and Parrotts Ferry Bridge

Mineshaft Trail at Parrotts Ferry

The Mineshaft trail, aka Parrots Ferry Downhill in the mountain bike community, is an old mining access road turned recreational trail. The trail is named for the several mines that were worked in this area 100 or so years ago. One of which is the Dutchess Mine, a hard rock gold mine and remnants can […]

Along the Sugar Pine Railroad Grade

Sugar Pine Railroad Grade (Confidence Rd to Lyons Reservoir)

This gentle sloping 4.5 mile one-way hike  follows the old Sugar Pine Railroad grade. This trail, or fire road, is open to hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders year-round but may be covered in snow throughout the winter months. The fire road traverses private property which is owned by Sierra Pacific Industries, so no motor […]