View of the Dardanelles from Sierra Grandstand

The Sierra Grandstand Tour is a self-guided offroad route with sign posts along its 13 mile length corresponding to an informational flyer put out by the Forest Service. This route, also know as the Dodge Ridge Trail, was a wagon trail back in the mid 1800’s used by parties crossing over the Sierras to settle the west side. The tour begins at the top of Crabtree near Aspen Meadow and traverses along Dodge Ridge where views of the Dardanelles, Bald Mountain and Brownes Meadow are prevalent. The tour ends 13 miles later at the old Fahey cabin on FR 3N01. The majority of the route is rocky dirt road with some loose and moderately steep sections but is passable by most high clearance 2wd vehicles but I would recommend a 4wd. Expect to spend three to four hours on this tour as the going is slow and you will likely make several stops along the way to admire the views.

To reach the start of the Sierra Grandstand Tour take Hwy 108 east to Crabtree Rd and drive six miles to the top of Crabtree and turn right on FR 4N25, just before the Aspen Meadow pack station; you will see a sign for the Sierra Grandstand on the right. The tour begins just beyond at FR 4N33. Alternatively from the Summit Ranger Station take Pinecrest Lake Rd and turn right on Dodge Ridge Rd and another right just before heading into Dodge Ridge. Turn left on Crabtree Road (4N26).

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