The Blues Box Bayou Band

The Blues Box Bayou Band plays a style of American Roots Music that combines influences from Louisiana Swamp Boogie, Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, and Reggae. If you’ve ever heard The Blues Box Bayou Band play you’ll know it’s hard to sit still as their music evokes the dancer in all of us. This popular band performs both classic Louisiana tunes along with some of their original material, most of which is written by the band leader Pete Grimaldi. The result is a combination of heart-felt lyrics, beautiful melodies, infectious rhythms, solid guitar riffs, and harmonious back-up vocals.

The Blues Box Bayou Band plays up and down the west coast from Southern California up to Oregon and have produced over five studio-recorded CDs. You can useually see them playing local venues like downtown Sonora street fairs or Black Oak Casino. If you get a chance to see The Blues Box Bayou Band play live, I definitely recommend it.

For more information visit The Blues Box Bayou Band official website or follow them on Facebook.


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